Discovering A New Direction



How often have you thought to yourself, “I need a change.  I need to reinvent myself, take a new direction”?

At the age of fifty I knew that something needed to change and change now.  If I was going to make a difference in the world and work with Nrf technology!  I needed to step it up in my personal growth and become the successful person I knew I could be.


Searching for an opportunity to make our lives better, to gain a financial independence from the daily grind of a 9-5 job was always in the back of my mind.  I’ve been there and done that a few times. I swore off network marketing ever again after my last fiasco with one.  Then I was introduced to Nrf2 technology and Nutrigenomics.   Watch this video for more information



the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.
“nutrigenomics holds great promise in fighting obesity and cancer”



Once I saw the science behind Protandim and Lifevantage I knew I had to go all in.

Changing Direction

My focus and direction started to change.  There was something about spreading the news about this opportunity to advance healthcare as we know it.  Changing the direction of my career from a respiratory therapist to an entrepreneur was a no brainier.  Approaching my husband, now that was another issue.  I could hear all the excuses not to do this.  “You’ve done it before and failed.  You won’t make any money and it’s a waste of time.”

Well I am happy and proud to say I am not where I want to be, however I am getting there.  Traveling down the road of entrepreneurship once again, allowing myself to be challenged, open-minded, seeking positive influences, success minded people who want to join the journey with this new-found science and changing the world.

Innovative Thinking

Times are changing.  Companies are constantly downsizing, laying off employees, healthcare is astronomical with no end in sight.  Something had to be done to protect myself and my husband from the down hill spiral the world was in.  A company that was innovative, ‘not the norm”, willing to take a risk and accept the fact that they were different from all the others.  That’s what I got me excited!

No other company in the history of multi level marketing can match the scientific technology of Lifevantage.  Nutrigenomics is changing the forefront of network marketing.  They are a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq as LVFN, creating new categories of all natural supplements  to heal and help the body perform better.


Changing our lives for the better was and continues to be my number one focus.  As human beings we change and adapt to our surroundings.  Never thinking we need to change until we are forced out of our comfort zones with a slap in the face to reality.  The world is ever changing so we must change with it or we loose ourselves into the deep abyss.

Gain The Advantage!



Alicia Osmera





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