Nrf2 What?

What is Nrf2?

Nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2, otherwise known as Nrf2 is described as the guardian of lifespan. (Corporation, 2016) “At the very center of our cellular protective pathway is a protein called “Nrf2” that serves as a “master regulator” of the body’s antioxidant response. You might think of Nrf2 as a “thermostat” within our cells that senses the level of oxidative stress and other stressors and turns on internal protective mechanism”.

Many scientific discoveries began soon after the discovery of Nrf2 was identified. They studies began to show how Nrf2 also regulated genes involved in the production of a wide range of antioxidant enzymes (including SOD, glutathione, and catalase. Along with detoxification or “stress-response” genes. These protective pathways are involved unrelated areas of health from the immune function to tissue optimization to cognitive function; however they all share in common the Nrf2 “switch” that enables cells to protect themselves from both internal and external environmental challenges.



To understand Nrf2 one needs to be aware of oxidative stress. Cellular Stress is the microscopic cell damage that happens in the body. You may not feel the effects of cellular stress; however it is the damage to our cells caused by free radicals disrupting normal function. 

Where does cellular stress come from?

Cellular Stress is going to happen no matter what. It arises from unstable molecules called free radicals.  Free radicals roam the body in search of other compounds and molecules to capture electrons in order to become stable.  When this happens the free radicals steal electrons from other molecules, and the attacked molecule itself becomes a free radical, thus starting a chain reaction that can damage the cells, proteins and DNA.

Too many damaging free radicals or too few protective antioxidants can make the cell membranes, mitochondria and DNA go crazy. Cellular stress leads to a variety of tissue damage and a wide range of chronic diseases, including cancer, chronic fatigue, and diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

What does cellular stress do?

Cellular stress can cause you to age faster than you would normally. This is apparent in your skin; cellular stress can cause more wrinkles, causes irritation, inflammation and redness in your skin, and can lead to skin cancer. In the body cellular stress is linked to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other life threatening diseases.




How does Nrf2 work?

To activate the Nrf2 synergistically the body needs a production of specific antioxidants to fight cellular stress efficiently. Certain phytochemicals; such as turmeric, ashwagandha, bacopa, green tea, and milk thistle are known activators of Nrf2.  Turning on Nrf2 creates a cascading effect, resulting in the production of several very powerful antioxidants.  These specific antioxidants combat cellular stress at a higher level than dietary, vitamin or phytochemical sources individually.  

The benefits of Nrf2 are;

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • DNA Repair
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Prevention of Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer prevention
  • Reverse aging of the skin

Dr. Joseph McCord’s Discovery

Dr. Joseph McCord (now retired) was a professor of medicine at the University Of Colorado and had been doing research on oxidative stress for 45 years. His scientific investigation of free radicals and oxidative stress began in the late 1960s.  After dedicating over 45 years of research into free radical biology and the process of aging he would turn the scientific community into an uproar with this discovery of Protandim.

In his early research Dr. McCord discovered that the body actually produces an enzyme called, superoxide dismutase (SOD) that eliminates free radicals. Dr. McCord is credited with discovering SOD, which led to his first nomination for the Nobel Prize. 



Dr. Joe McCord Invented the only patented Nrf2 Synergizer leading to a breakthrough in the scientific community. Protandim is NOT A DRUG! It is an all-natural supplement that is patented to reduce inflammation by 40% in 30 days. 

Protandim reduces oxidative stress an average of 40% in 30 days! It is a daily dietary supplement that combats oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation.  Oxidative stress is INEVITABLE for everyone.  Protandim helps to regulate survival genes.


If you had to choose between taking an antioxidant which only makes a free radical at a 1:1 ratio, or take protandim which your body makes its own free radicals at a1:1,000.000 ratio which one do you choose?

There is a new change in health and I am taking part in it are you?

















6 thoughts on “Nrf2 What?

  1. Hi Alicia,

    Fascinating scientifically based product info. I was well aware of free radicals but NRF2 was completely new to me.

    I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people who need this product!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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  2. Hi Alicia,

    Interesting post about free radicals, stress and Nrf2. I had run across Nrf2 when researching on other health issues, but had not heard about Dr. McCord or Protandim. Anything that protects us from the ravages of dementia has my attention. Thanks,
    P.S. Thank you for listing my blog as one you follow. I really appreciate that.


  3. Hi Alicia

    I am aware about how important our cells are to the body. The pollution that is around us is causing our cells so much harm

    So it is great read this scientific info about Nrf2 and how it affects our cells. Thanks for sharing. Take care


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